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Jacob Production is a small gamer around 60 subscribers who had helped MuffinCheese when they were smaller. MuffinCheese and Jacob have collated quite a lot from Muffin managing his channel and watching Smash Bros with him. In previous episodes, it has shown Jacob and his brothers come over frequently to play on the PC and to play Destiny

Personal Life Edit

Jacob Production is apparently younger or around the same age as MuffinCheese. We know he probably lives around San Francisco with MuffinCheese. He has 2 brothers, "BosBoso" and "JBoom" both who are younger than him.

Channel Edit

Jacob's first video was of him playing Attack on Titan. He had started his whole YouTube career with MuffinCheese right next to him but according to sources, he had called MuffinCheese the dragon kid so muffin wasn't originally named MuffinCheese in the beginning.