"How's it going MuffinKnights! it's your boy MuffinCheese here"
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Personal Life Edit

MuffinCheese was born as Damien Garfield on October 24th (According to Vlog #13: Happy Birthday MuffinCheese). He lives near San Francisco, (Vlog #9: Go Giants and his love for the Golden State Warriors). He is currently in High School. Not much is known about him except that he worked with Jacob Production and ValenFatal28 revealed to be Daniel, his best friend later on. Other things that we know are that he has 2 sisters and is with his grandfather half the time

YouTube Edit

Damien Garfield had started his 1st YouTube Page on October 28th 2014. Recently, that YouTube got flagged or hacked (he didn't read out the details). He had around 420 subscribers on that channel. Now, he currently has 200 subscribers